What is Arton Post?

Good question. It's a collection of stories which take place in the city of Arton, featuring a cast of characters created by us.

But that's the technical answer...

No more racking our brains every few weeks to write another first sentence. This is a foothold for that world-building step.

No more begging friends and publishers to read our stories. This is a world with an open door.

No more feeling selfish about our time spent writing. This is a place where each story can influence any other. It’s fun to create something big. It’s even more fun to do it as a group.

I don’t know if this community will grow. But I do know that it depends on you signing up.

If you like this site or want to read more of my work, please contact me. I don't think I have any fans, so any sign that someone is reading this would be great.

If the idea of reaching out to a stranger scares you, you can just read about me here.

If you like this site in more of a Silicon Valley way, you should also contact me. I built it using Ruby on Rails and I exchange services for money sometimes.

tl;dr - check me out here.